Closure confirmed of empty schools

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Published Date: 

10 Nov 2011 - 16:30

 The Scottish Government has granted permission for Argyll and Bute Council to close two primary schools, under the Schools (CONSULTATION) (SCOTLAND) ACT 2010.

 St Kieran’s Primary, in Kintyre , and Ardchonnel Primary, near Loch Awe, both had no pupils enrolled when the council initially proposed their closure.  

 Argyll and Bute Council completed a statutory consultation process and took the decision to formally close the schools at a meeting on October 6. Since then there has been a three-week period for further comments to be lodged with the Scottish Government. No further comments were received and the government has confirmed it will not call-in the council’s decision.

 As neither school had any pupils they are now both formally closed.