Argus Care Group care homes

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9 Nov 2011 - 16:37

Two care homes in Argyll and Bute will continue to operate as normal, despite their owner going into administration.


Argus Care Group, which owns Lynn of Lorn care home near Oban and Ashgrove care home in Dunoon, announced it had gone into administration yesterday afternoon.


We would like to make it clear Care Concern has only been appointed in the short term to oversee the management of care in the two homes affected in Argyll and Bute.

The intention is for this operator, Care Concern, to take over in the longer term, subject to appropriate business terms being agreed and regulatory conditions being satisfied.  

 The Administrator will be writing to staff, residents and their families to inform them of these arrangements and give assurances about the continuity of care.

Meanwhile our officers will work closely with Care Concern, the Care Inspectorate and the administrator to ensure things continue as normal at both care homes and caring for residents is unaffected.