Result of election to Scottish Parliament

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Published Date: 

6 May 2011 - 14:08

The result of the election for the UK parliamentary constituency of Argyll and Bute has been declared.

George Doyle, Independent 542 (2.04%)
Alison Hay, Scottish Liberal Democrats 3,220 (12.11%)
Jamie McGrigor, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party4,847 (18.22%)
Mick Rice, Scottish Labour Party 4,041 (15.19%)
Michael William Russell, Scottish National Party (SNP) 13,390 (50.35%)
George Alexander White, Liberal party (the)436 (1.64%)

Michael William Russell has therefore been elected as the Member of Scottish Parliament for Argyll and Bute.


Total electorate (2010 figures in brackets* ) :48,925          (67,165)
Turnout:  54.36% constituency and 54.49% regional  (67.47%)
Total rejected papers: 
120           (86)
Total votes cast:  26,596    (45,293)

   *2010 figures are for parliamentary election to Westminster and include voters from Helensburgh, which are included in the Dumbarton constituency for this election