Opening of the Glenshellach Road to Glengallan Road cycle path

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4 May 2011 - 16:52

As part of Oban Primary Campus Eco Day, pupils from the school joined Councillor Duncan MacIntyre to cut the ribbon which will officially opened the Glenshellach Road to Glengallan Road cycle path.


 The road is 700 metres long and along with resurfacing it has had improved drainage, had a narrow bridge removed and replaced with a culvert and had the stairs on the route replaced with a ramp.  This makes the route safer, smoother and dryer and it is now suitable for cyclists, buggies and wheelchairs.  We hope people will use the path for journeys to school and work in Oban, encouraging people to walk or cycle instead of taking the car.  This will not only have health benefits for people using the path but for the environment too.  We hope that it will also reduce congestion in Oban.



The work, which took four weeks to complete, cost around £40,000 and funding came from the council, Sustrans and HIE.  


Spokesperson for Transportation and Infrastructure Councillor Duncan MacIntyre said, “I am delighted to welcome pupils from Oban Primary Campus to open this cycle route and I hope that these young people make good use of it.  This gives our younger Oban cyclists a safe place to cycle, away from the road.  The addition of a ramp means that mothers with young babies in prams and pushchairs and people in wheelchairs can also use the route with ease.  I would also like to thank our partners in Sustrans and HIE whose funding made this  possible.”