Council clear up operation

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30 May 2011 - 16:07

Argyll and Bute Council has had over one hundred workers out clearing up after the storm.


Roads and amenities staff have been kept busy dealing with fallen trees, branches and debris, as well as providing temporary diversion routes.


The initial estimate for costs incurred by the storm is around £40,000.


Councillor Duncan MacIntyre, spokesperson for transport and infrastructure said: “The storm and severe weather at the beginning of the week created a huge challenge which I feel our roads teams responded to extremely well.


“They ran a smooth operation, working closely with landowners and forestry to clear roads and to keep traffic moving when possible.  Power cuts and disruption to mobile phone signals made communications difficult, but our teams met these challenges head on.”


While the clear up continues, members of the council’s roads team are continuing in their efforts to clear the debris left by the storm.