Rothesay Townscape Heritage Initiative benefits from LEADER cash

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29 Mar 2011 - 15:43

Argyll and Bute Council’s welcoming another cash boost for the Rothesay Townscape Heritage Initiative. More than £100,000 has been awarded by the LEADER programme after a meeting earlier this month. 

The money will be used for the training and education programme. It involves a range of activities that are designed to raise awareness of the island’s special character and to ensure local people get involved, become inspired and have the skills to sympathetically preserve and enhance Bute’s heritage for the long-term.

The programme will seek to teach contractors new skills in traditional building techniques and to work with local partners to promote island culture.  There’ll be a variety of workshops and events to reinforce and strengthen island identity and appreciation of Rothesay’s unique character.




The project on Bute recently received half a million pounds from Historic Scotland to spend on priority buildings in and around Guildford Square. Residents will be able to apply for grants this summer.

Argyll and Bute Council has already committed £ 500,000 to the project and also £1.9 million to the restoration and refurbishment of the Rothesay Pavilion. The council’s goal is to invest £30million to assist in the economic regeneration of five of its principal waterfront towns – Campbeltown, Helensburgh, Oban, Rothesay and Dunoon.