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14 Mar 2011 - 15:39

It was good news for Campbeltown when the council agreed to release funds for the regeneration of Campbeltown.  This included the next phase of the Kinloch Road Regeneration Project including the public realm works and improvements to the new ACHA housing in the former Park Square site. It was also agreed to reallocate funding for an all weather pitch for the town.

Campbeltown’s long awaited all weather pitch, proposed to be built on Kinloch Green beside Aqualibrium, will benefit from £480,000.  The funds had been allocated towards a marina project in the town and, unfortunately, following a feasibility study the project had issues in terms of viability as it was originally proposed.  The £480,000 will represent match funding, sitting alongside the council’s £380,000 application to sportscotland. The application will need to be successful in order to progress the project and a decision will be announced later this month.

It was also agreed to release £800,000 to ACHA for the next phase of their Park Square housing development.  This money will be used to improve finishes and materials for the buildings.

It was good news too for the public realm element of the Kinloch Road Regeneration project. This will allow the next phase of the project to be progressed taking on board the comments received from residents at the various consultation events.  This will initially focus on the public realm works along the new road through Park Square.

Chair of the Campbeltown CHORD Project Board Councillor Rory Colville said, “This is tremendous news for Campbeltown.  I would like to thank all councillors who supported this recommendation.  These funds allow us to take the next step forward in the exciting regeneration of Campbeltown.”