Love Food Hate Waste App Now Available on Android

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18 Mar 2011 - 14:05

Zero Waste Scotland’s hugely popular Love Food Hate Waste App is now available for download on Android phones, meaning thousands more Scots around the country will be able to easily reduce the amount of food they waste while on the go.


The app provides information on portions so that shoppers never buy more than they need, as well as a range of other features. The unique food waste ‘blender’ asks users to enter the leftover ingredients they have in their fridge, freezer or cupboards and whizzes up suggested recipes from a bank of over 350, from some of Scotland’s top chefs.


The easy to use app gives hints and tips that make it easier for shoppers to plan their weekly meals, cut down on food waste and make the most of what they already have. On average, Scottish households throw away £430 per year of food that could have been used, largely due to buying too much or forgetting to use it.


The Love Food Hate Waste campaign contributes towards the Scottish Government’s ambitious targets to transform Scotland into a Zero Waste Society. Food waste is a huge issue for Scotland - over £1 billion of food is thrown away in Scotland each year.


Betsy Reed, Head of Campaigns for Zero Waste Scotland, commented: “This mobile phone app has proved extremely popular in iPhone format and we are certain that Android phone users will also find it palatable. The app offers simple ways to cut down on food waste, whether by reducing the amount we buy in the first place or the amount we needlessly throw away each year.” 


The iPhone app can be downloaded here:


Visit for a collection of hints, tips, recipes and advice from the Love Food Hate Waste campaign.