Helensburgh CHORD project granted planning approval

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Published Date: 

22 Mar 2011 - 16:29

Planning approval has been granted for the multi-million pound plan to transform Helensburgh’s town centre and waterfront areas.

The news marks a major step in the bid to regenerate the town centre and West Bay Esplanade.

An exhibition of the approved design - together with details of the proposed Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) required to implement it - will be on display in the Helensburgh Library from April 11-15, 2011. 

Residents and visitors are encouraged to visit the library to view the plans. On Thursday, April 14 members of the Design Team will be at the library to answer any questions.

Councillor Gary Mulvaney, Chair of the Helensburgh CHORD Project Board, said: “The planning approval is great news. Not only does it mean that as soon as we have secured approval for the proposed TROs we will be in a position to submit the project for approval to procure a contractor to implement it, it also demonstrates the widespread community support for the initiative.   

“The proposed traffic management, like the design, has been based on listening to the community, discussing with them options to address their concerns and finally agreeing the options which best reflect the needs of the community at large. 

“I would therefore encourage the community to get behind the proposed traffic management changes and help us secure approval for the proposed Orders as quickly as possible”. 

The key elements of the proposed traffic management proposals include:

  • On street parking time increased from 30 minutes to 1 hour;
  •  Introduction of two loading bays in Sinclair Street;
  • Overall increased parking spaces within the CHORD project boundary area;
  • Increased blue badge parking spaces;
  • New signalised pedestrian crossing in West King Street;
  • Improved crossing points at main junctions;
  • Shorter crossing distances due to increased pavement widths;
  • 20 mph in project boundary area (excluding West Clyde St) to improve pedestrian safety;
  • Restricted vehicular access to Colquhoun Square to create desired civic space.


The Helensburgh CHORD Project is part of Argyll and Bute Council’s far-reaching £30million CHORD programme.

CHORD aims to assist regeneration and economic development in five of Argyll and Bute’s key waterfront towns (Campbeltown, Helensburgh, Oban, Rothesay and Dunoon).

In Helensburgh, the plans involve developing a more vibrant, attractive and sustainable town centre and waterfront at the West Bay Esplanade.

The aim is to provide the people who live, work and visit the town with an attractive environment for shopping, relaxing, and generally socialising. Also, to bring benefit to businesses in the town by capturing a larger share of the retail and leisure markets through increased visitors and shoppers.