Milton Burn flood prevention work underway

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24 Jun 2011 - 10:17

Work is well underway on the second phase of the Milton Burn flood prevention scheme in Dunoon and will last for 30 weeks finishing in early 2012.


The work involves replacing around 100 metres of combined sewer and associated manholes to create space for the remaining section of large diameter flood relief culvert between George Street and its outfall into the Clyde opposite John Street.


Chair of the Bute and Cowal area committee, Councillor Bruce Marshall said: “This work is underway thanks to the diligence of Councillor James McQueen who has been fighting to get it done since he became an elected member twelve years ago. It’s great news for local people and businesses, particularly around the Milton Bridge area who have had to endure being flooded on many occasions over many years in the past”


“After these works are finished there will be more work done on connecting the flood relief culvert via a weir in the Milton Burn, together with new burn training walls. This means water will be removed from the Milton Burn when there’s heavy rainfall so there is less risk of flooding downstream.


Road closures will be in place to allow the work to proceed and properties in the vicinity of the works are being kept informed with leaflets dropping through their doors.


However roads will be unaffected during Cowal Games Week from the 22nd to the 28th of August 2011.