Hydrocarbon removal at Kinloch Road site

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24 Jun 2011 - 10:46

Work has started at the former Kinloch Road, Roads Depot site to remove hydrocarbon contamination.  The work started on Wednesday 15 June and will continue this week.  Hydrocarbons include petrol and diesel, and this work will address reports about the smell of petrol in the area.


This is the next phase of the plan to regenerate the Kinloch Road area of Campbeltown which will allow ACHA to go ahead with their planned housing development.  The work, which is part of the council’s CHORD programme is being undertaken by AJC Civils Ltd.  The Kinloch Road regeneration is a key aspect of Campbeltown’s CHORD project as it will allow construction of the new road through Park Square.  This is part of the infrastructure improvements which will allow the transportation of wind turbine tower components from the manufacturing base at Machrihanish.


Chair of the Campbeltown CHORD project board Councillor Rory Colville said, “It’s great to be seeing progress at the site.  This is another step forward in the project and I’m delighted to see real results on the ground.”