Head teacher pays tribute to fire victims

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25 Jul 2011 - 16:35

Anne Chalmers, head teacher of St Joseph's Primary, Helensburgh, has paid tribute to Bridget and Thomas Sharkey, who  died in a fire at the weekend:

"We are absolutely devastated and saddened to hear Bridget and Thomas have died.

"Bridget was ready to start Primary Five in August. Mr and Mrs Sharkey and Thomas all attended our summer concert to see Bridget take part in the Jungle Book. I spoke to Thomas and he was doing very well in a golf scholarship in America.

"Bridget was a beautiful child, very talented, an excellent all rounder and enthusiastic pupil who was a lovely singer, dancer and artist. Bridget was a very happy and popular girl. She will be sorely missed by all at St Josephs Primary.

"Thomas also attended St Josephs for primary schooling. He was a great pupil, was very hard working and conscientious.

"It is so tragic to lose two fine young people who had everything to live for.

"Our thoughts and prayers are very much with them and their families and friends."