Cowal dog owners warned over fouling

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18 Jul 2011 - 16:11

Dog owners in Cowal are being reminded that they face a hefty fine if they fail to pick up their animals’ dirt.


The warning came as the village of Kilmun prepares for an Armed Forces Gala Day on Saturday in Graham’s Point Community Park. The event is run by Kilmun Community Council, which has raised concerns about dog owners flouting the law.


Councillor Bruce Marshall, chair of the Bute and Cowal area committee, said: “This park is very popular with children, and I have received several complaints recently about users having to avoid the dog dirt on the grass.


“I have discussed this issue with the police, and irresponsible dog owners should be in no doubt that they will be fined if they are caught breaking the law.


“I appreciate that most owners are responsible people. But the small minority who are not are making some public spaces a hazard for people with young children rather than the recreation areas they are supposed to be.”


He added that he had also heard complaints about dog mess on Cowal golf course.


“Not cleaning up after your dog is disgusting, and I’d like to reassure local residents that our wardens will continue to be proactive across the Cowal area in a bid to punish those who ignore their responsibilities,” Councillor Marshall said.


“I would also urge anyone who witnesses an owner failing to clear up after their dog to report them."


Anyone receiving a £40 fixed penalty notice for dog fouling has 28 days in which to pay. If they fail to do so, the fine will increase to £60. Should anyone continue to ignore the notice, they risk a court summons and a possible £500 fine.