Council and First Minister hopeful about Skykon future

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17 Jan 2011 (All day)

Councillor Dick Walsh and First Minister Alex Salmond remain positive about the future of employment at Skykon’s Campbeltown site.

That’s the news from a meeting held between the First Minister and council officials, held on 12 January at the Scottish Parliament, to discuss the future of the turbine manufacturing plant at Macrihanish.

Councillor Walsh was joined at the meeting senior council officers Sally Loudon, chief executive, Sandy MacTaggart, director of development and infrastructure and Robert Pollock, head of economic development. Also present at the meeting, called by Councillor Walsh, were Tom Lamb, head of energy at Scottish Development International and Douglas Cowan of Highlands and Islands Enterprise.

Just before the meeting it was announced that administrators working on behalf of Skykon had gained agreement with Siemens for an existing order to remain at the plant. The order conformation allowed workers to return to the suite and keeps the plant operational in the short term.

During the discussions Councillor Walsh raised his concerns about the uncertainty of the plant’s future and the potential impact any closure would have on the Kintyre economy. The First Minister assured those present that the matter has the highest priority in Scottish Government.

Councillor Walsh said, “It’s good to know Campbeltown’s economic future and Skykon have the backing of the Scottish government. Argyll and Bute Council has a strong track record when it comes to the promotion and development of renewable energy. Campbeltown can make a significant contribution to Scotland’s wider economic development and renewable energy ambitions. The council will continue to support these ambitions to make them a reality.”