Speeding Ted comes to Argyll and Bute

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2 Feb 2011 - 13:09

Children in Argyll and Bute will be among the first to be introduced to a new fictional character designed to make them think about the dangers of speeding.


Speeding Ted, a teddy bear, is the star of the latest road safety pack for primary schools.


 The pack was developed by leading Scottish educational consultant, Lynda Keith, on behalf of the Strathclyde Safety Camera Partnership in association with Road Safety Officers from the West of Scotland Road Safety Forum, which includes Argyll and Bute.


 Copies are being distributed to all primaries in the area by the council’s Road Safety team. The pack is linked to Curriculum for Excellence and, through active learning approaches, it provides opportunities for children to engage in the topic of speeding.


 Councillor Duncan MacIntyre, Argyll and Bute’s spokesperson for Transport and Infrastructure said:  “Speed plays an important part in many serious and fatal road crashes, and all too often we see young drivers and their passengers in particular being involved in tragic incidents.


 “Attitudes to driving are actually formed at a young age and primary children can easily understand that speeding is dangerous, anti-social and against the law. 


 “We hope the information and activities in this pack will be helpful in reinforcing these positive attitudes for when the children grow older and become drivers themselves.”


 Linda Candlish, class teacher at Garelochhead Primary School was invited to be part of pilot.


 “The children were very interested to take part in the pilot and found that they could relate it to local issues,” she said.


 Neil Macgillivray, communications manager of the Strathclyde Safety Camera Partnership, explained: “The youngest children will engage with Speeding Ted, a little bear character who rides too fast on his motorbike. 


 “The children are asked to think about the effect Speeding Ted has on other people and to tell him how he should really behave.  For older children, the pack links in the topic of speed with all aspects of the school curriculum including language, working with numbers and practical activities.”