Scotland TranServ details A83 Rest and be Thankful measures

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Published Date: 

19 Dec 2011 - 11:22

Professionally qualified spotters are continuing to monitor the hillside at Rest and Be Thankful for further signs of landslide danger.


The road was closed on December 1 following a landslip. Once the debris had been cleared, it reopened during daylight hours only until December 14, when it fully reopened.


Along with the ‘spotters’, there is now a traffic management team positioned on either side of the suspect area ready to react immediately to any concerns about the hillside’s stability and close the road.


This arrangement, which will remain in place until mid-January 2012, will continue during the hours of darkness when the road will stay open under tower lights.  


The electronic signs will also remain on during this period to advise the public of the increased risk.


Further protection measures are programmed to be in place in the coming weeks, including:


  • Tiltmeters, fitted with warning lights, and Piezometers will be positioned within the risk areas which will aid visual inspection during darkness and can also be monitored remotely
  • Regular visual inspections of the slope
  • Quarterly monitoring/condition reporting of the whole hillside will continue
  • The reviewing/costing of the provision of debris fencing below both failure areas.


Scotland TranServ has warned that it may be necessary to close the road on occasion while these mitigation measures are being installed or assessed.


The company has also reiterated the possibility of having to close the road for safety reasons during periods of bad weather.