Office planning application submitted

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13 Dec 2011 - 11:39

New council offices in Helensburgh took a step closer last week when the council submitted a planning application to redevelop its office accommodation in the town. 

The council plans to transform the former Clyde Street School site at 38 East Clyde Street into new council offices and community facilities which will include space for community events and activities.

A display highlighting the proposed development was on show at Helensburgh Library in early November 2011 where members of the public were given the opportunity to have look at the proposals.

Under the plans the former Clyde Street School buildings will be retained and refurbished and it is hoped that work will begin in Autumn 2012.

Chair of the Helensburgh and Lomond area committee Councillor Vivien Dance, explained why this project is so significant. 

“This is an exciting and long overdue project.  We are refurbishing one of the most prominent buildings in Helensburgh which has been empty for a number of years and giving it a new vitality and purpose and ensuring it is retained in the heart of the town centre.   

“In addition this project will have a major impact on council services.  At the moment we have several offices across the area, each of which has significant operational costs and involves the public having to visit different sites to access council services. 

“By moving the most of our Helensburgh-based employees to one site it will not only save public money but will allow us to be more efficient in the way we provide and manage our services.  It will also bring many staff back into town with the obvious potential for increased footfall for our local businesses.    The new office will provide a one stop shop for all residents where they can access staff and information on all council services. The addition of community facilities in the building was in response to suggestions from the public and I am sure many community groups will benefit from this development.”

“I would encourage everyone to look at the plans for the total site and submit their comments to the Planning Department as part of the planning process.”