Council agrees Diamond Jubilee holiday

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15 Dec 2011 - 12:48

Argyll and Bute Council has agreed to create a four day weekend next June to enable employees to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Both the UK and Scottish Governments have already declared Tuesday, June 5 2012 as an extra Bank Holiday to mark the occasion.

The council’s Executive today agreed to award employees in non-teaching establishments a one-off additional day’s leave on June 5, on the same basis as an extra day off was agreed for the Royal Wedding earlier this year.

The Scottish Government has already given consent for schools to close that day.

Any employees who, for operational reasons, are required to work that day will receive time off in lieu at an appropriate later date. They will not receive any extra pay.

In addition, councillors agreed to require employees to take one of their four annual ‘floating’ public holidays on Monday, June 4 2012 – thereby creating a four day weekend.

Schools were already scheduled to be closed to pupils that day, as it is an in-service day.

Council leader, Councillor Dick Walsh, said: “We have discussed these proposals with the recognised trades unions, which advised that they would be happy with these arrangements.

“Many other local authorities and other organisations have already agreed similar arrangements. Diamond Jubilees don’t come along very often, and it is important that Argyll and Bute Council employees are able to celebrate the occasion if they wish to do so.”