Business as usual as clear up continues

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9 Dec 2011 - 11:09


Most schools are open again, although a handful remain closed due to power failures and some have closed due to snow.


All social work and care services are back to normal after operating a reduced service yesterday.


Bin collections will resume today and any missed collections from Thursday will be caught up over the coming days.


Roads teams are continuing to clear up debris from floods and fallen trees, with all major routes re-opened. Gritting teams are also in action as snow replaces high winds.


Libraries and leisure centres have reopened, along with most council offices, some of which closed early yesterday and council-operated ferry services have resumed.


Full information on the changing situation is available on the council’s web site, which received four times as many hits as usual. More than 8,000 unique visitors looked at the site on Thursday 8 December, compared to a usual daily average of around 2,000.


Latest updates will be posted on the service disruptions section of the web site: