Arrochar Primary pre five unit is top of the class

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20 Dec 2011 - 17:04

An Argyll and Bute pre five unit has received an outstanding report from the national inspection agency.

Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland (SCSWIS) - since renamed the Care Commission - graded the provision at Arrochar Primary’s pre five unit as ‘excellent’ in three categories, and ‘very good’ in the other.

The inspectorate’s findings confirm that Arrochar’s pre five unit is one of the highest performing in the country.

The grading system goes from one to six, with one being ‘unsatisfactory’ and six being ‘excellent’.

Arrochar scored sixes in ‘quality of care and support’, ‘range of communication methods used to ensure it meets the needs of service users’ and ‘quality of management and leadership’, and a five (very good) in ‘authority – ability to promote leadership values throughout the workforce’.

Among the comments the inspectors received back from parents were “As a parent I could not ask for a better place to start my child’s education”, “I could not fault the unit or the staff, my child has been extremely happy here, a great place” and “our children are receiving a great education and they are so happy and confident”.

The news was welcomed by Councillor Ellen Morton, Argyll and Bute’s spokesperson for education and lifelong learning.

“This is a wonderful report, and I would like to congratulate Arrochar Primary head teacher Alison Palmer and her team for working so hard to make Arrochar’s pre-five unit the fantastic place that it is,” she said.

“These children are clearly receiving an excellent start to their education in a happy and secure environment.  I am confident that this will have a significant impact when it comes to fulfilling their potential in primary and secondary school and beyond.

“I am familiar with the tremendous support given to this unit by the parents and the wider local community, and I hope everyone associated with it is proud of the results of their efforts. I look forward to seeing the unit go from strength to strength in the future.”