Argyll and Bute education stars sought for national awards

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5 Dec 2011 - 11:07

Local people across Argyll and Bute are being called on to help find the area’s brightest education stars.

Nominations are being invited for the Scottish Education Awards 2012, which celebrate hard work and innovation in Scottish classrooms.

The awards are open to all publicly funded schools, including secondary, primary, nursery and special schools.  There are also categories to recognise and reward the dedication of teachers, head-teachers and support staff across Scotland.   

Councillor Ellen Morton, Argyll and Bute’s spokesperson for education and lifelong learning, said: “There is wonderful work going on in education right across Argyll and Bute, and the exciting and innovative achievements of many of our schools and individual school staff are worthy of being highlighted and celebrated at a national level.

“We have had significant success at these awards in the past. In 2009 we won two of the main categories - with Oban High’s John Mackenzie picking up the Lifetime Achievement Award and Kilcreggan Primary the CBI Schools for All title – and had two other nominees shortlisted in the Teacher of the Year and Homecoming Scotland categories.

“Last year, Keills Primary on the isle of Islay went home with the Numeracy Across Learning award, and was also a finalist in the Health and Wellbeing category. We also had two other finalists - in the Learning Through Technology category and the Teacher of the Year. So in the past we have punched well above our weight, which is a fantastic reflection of the work going on in education across Argyll and Bute.

“However, those who have had their achievements celebrated in this way in the past have only found themselves in the spotlight because someone took the trouble to nominate them. So I would urge anyone who believes that a particular school or individual would be a worthy winner to fill in a nomination form and so give them a chance of well-deserved national recognition.”

The 2012 awards were launched by Dr Alasdair Allan, Minister for Learning and Skills, who said: “The Scottish Education Awards are a fantastic opportunity for us to celebrate the hard work, innovation and excellence of standards of schools, teachers, headteachers and school communities across the country.  

“I would encourage people across the country to take some time to nominate and reward the local schools and education professionals that make learning a rich experience, nurturing and motivating our children and young people to increase their understanding and realise their ambitions.”

This year there are a number of new categories, including the Active Nation Award, Parents are Partners in Learning Award and Gaelic Language and Culture in LearningAward. 

Dr Allan urged anyone who knows of a local school which shines within its community or an exemplary teacher who motivates and nurtures pupils to become confident learners to take the opportunity to recognise them for their efforts by nominating them for an award.

A panel of judges will select three finalists in every category, who will then attend an awards ceremony at Hilton Hotel, Glasgow on Tuesday June 12 2012. 

Categories at this year’s Scottish Education Awards include:

  • Health & Wellbeing Award – schools and pre schools which are developing a holistic approach to health and wellbeing
  • Active Nation Award – schools and pre schools which have developed opportunities for pupils to be active
  • Literacy Across Learning Award – schools and pre schools which have developed effective approaches to delivering literacy skills across learning
  • Numeracy Across Learning - schools and pre schools which have developed effective approaches to delivering numeracy skills across learning
  • Enterprise and Employability Across Learning (Primary & Early Years) – recognising schools and pre schools which are focusing on the development of enterprise and employability skills
  • Enterprise and Employability Across Learning (Secondary) – recognising schools which are focusing on the development of enterprise and employability skills, including entrepreneurship, business and commerce
  • Aiming High Award – schools and pre schools which are providing opportunities and removing barriers for children who require more sustained support
  • Sustainable Schools Award – recognising schools and pre schools which have developed environmental awareness and sustainable development across all curriculum areas
  • Global Citizenship Award – celebrating how pupils are being encouraged to be responsible citizens at a local , national and international level
  • Learning Through Technology Award – schools and pre schools which are innovative in their use of technology to support learning and teaching
  • Educational Supporter of the Year – recognising those who support children, young people, staff and the wider community
  • Probationary Teacher of the Year – probationary teachers who are bringing learning to life for their pupils
  • Teacher of the Year – celebrating teachers who are engaging and inspiring children and young people to fulfil their potential
  • Head teacher of the Year – Head teachers who provide inspirational leadership and motivate staff to encourage staff, children and pupils to fulfil their potential
  • Lifetime Achievement – open to all qualified teachers and head teachers who are approaching the end of their career to recognise their leadership, commitment and achievements. 
  • Parents as Partners in Learning Award – parents who are playing an important role in education in schools and nurseries
  • Gaelic Language and Culture in Learning Award - schools and pre-schools which are providing opportunities for children to develop awareness of Gaelic language and culture

For further information or to make a nomination visit

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