You can now pay for cashless catering at school online through the council's website

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23 Aug 2011 - 16:24

Now the school term has started again it is worth considering paying online for ‘cashless catering’ for your children.  It is easy and parents can click on and credit money to a Young Scot card their children can use for lunch and snacks at school. All they have to do is swipe the card at the till. It means children won’t have to carry money around so it is safe and secure.


This is available if your children go to Campbeltown Grammar, Dunoon Grammar, Hermitage Academy, Islay High School, Lochgilphead Joint Campus, Oban High School, Rothesay Joint Campus, Tarbert Academy and Tarbert Primary or Tobermory Primary and Tobermory High School.


Spokesperson for Lifelong Learning and Education, Councillor Ellen Morton said “More than four hundred sales were made through the council’s website in the first three months of this year. I would recommend more people pay for cashless catering online this school term to save their kids carrying money.”


Every child who goes from primary to secondary in Argyll and Bute gets a Young Scot card but if you are interested getting one for your children then contact Emily Foster at