Positive feedback following Campbeltown drop-in session

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Published Date: 

29 Aug 2011 - 16:41

Argyll and Bute Council officers were on hand in Campbeltown’s town hall last Tuesday (23 August) to answer questions on ambitious plans for Campbeltown. 

More than 60 people came along to the drop in session to find out more about projects including:

  • CHORD Kinloch Road regeneration
  • CHORD berthing facility
  • Campbeltown’s Town Heritage Initiative and meet the team involved in plans for the town hall
  • ACHA
  • The all weather pitch and
  • The Royal Hotel

The feedback from the event was encouraging with teams receiving a lot of positive comments.  The CHORD project team also received constructive comments and these will be taken into consideration as projects progress.

Chair of the Campbeltown CHORD Project Board Councillor Rory Colville said, “This is an exciting time for Campbeltown.  We have some high profile projects which are bringing significant investment into the town.  I am delighted at the turn out today.  We have had a lot of positive feedback and we will continue to update people as developments progress.”