Helensburgh primary continues to impress inspectors

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29 Aug 2011 - 13:56

A Helensburgh primary school has received a very positive follow through report from HM Inspectorate of Education (HMIE).


John Logie Baird Primary was first inspected in August last year, with the resulting report evaluating all aspects of education provided in the primary as ‘good’.


However, it also identified a number of improvements which needed to take place, particularly within the school’s pre-5 unit.


The latest report confirms that the work done by the school and the council in addressing the inspectors’ concerns has paid off.


The document states that there are ‘clear signs of significant improvement since the original inspection’, and that ‘the school now performs much better overall’.


Inspectors highlighted the pre-5 unit’s improvements in performance, children’s experiences and arrangements to meet learning needs.


In terms of particular strengths of the school overall, the report singled out the use of outdoor learning to enhance learners’ experiences, the commitment of staff to improving outcomes for children and the leadership of the head teacher in securing improvement.


As a result of the progress made, the inspectors will not return to John Logie Baird Primary in relation to the original 2010 inspection.


Councillor Ellen Morton, Argyll and Bute’s spokesperson for education and lifelong learning, said: “I am delighted that this report highlights the success the school and the council have had in working together to address the concerns raised last year.


“The progress made has been very positive, and I congratulate everyone at the school for their continued hard work and dedication.”


John Logie Baird’s acting head teacher, Michelle Collins, said she was delighted with the report.


“The inspectors have recognised that staff throughout the school are highly committed to improving outcomes for the children. Indeed, they noted this aspect as one of the strengths of the school,” she added.


“The staff have worked hard to ensure the necessary measures are in place to allow Curriculum for Excellence to be successfully rolled out across the school, and we are now more than ready to continue our journey to excellence.”


A full copy of the HMIE report can be found on the Education Scotland website