Argyll and Bute road improvements map available online

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30 Aug 2011 - 16:12

You can now check the council’s website for the very latest information on road surface repairs in Argyll and Bute. You can enter your address or postcode to check when work is planned or when it is due to finish.  A red, amber, and green colour scheme is used to distinguish between planned, in progress and completed schemes. By clicking on a scheme you will find all the information on the work being carried out. When you zoom in you will see the actual length of the road which is being improved.

The map is updated every month but this will increase in frequency next year. People should also be aware completion dates can change due to weather conditions and utility works. The map only shows the council’s 2011 Capital programme rather than smaller work like filling in potholes.

Transport spokesperson, Councillor Duncan MacIntyre said, “This interactive map on will save people having to phone the council for this kind of information. The 2012 programme will be added to the map as soon as it is available. I’d recommend checking the map before you have to make any long or important journeys so you can plan ahead.”