Published Date: 

30 Dec 2010 (All day)

 Scottish Water is calling on people in Argyll and Bute to continue checking for leaks and burst pipes as we work to maintain normal services to customers in the extreme weather conditions.

 Mr Ross Barclay, Scottish Water’s water operations team leader based in Oban, said: “We are working to maintain normal services by repairing bursts or leaks on the public water mains as quickly as possible.

 “But there will also be some bursts on pipes on private property, including unoccupied holiday homes, village halls and other outbuildings.

 “Customers have helped us during the severe weather by checking for bursts and leaks, getting them dealt with by a plumber if they are internal bursts on private property, and contacting us if they are on the public network.

 “Scottish Water would ask customers to continue helping us by checking for burst pipes. We would also ask people with outdoor taps and troughs to turn off any running taps.

 “Leaving them running will not prevent a burst and it’s a waste of water and could affect supplies to your local community.”

 Bursts or leaks on the public network can be reported by calling the Scottish Water Helpline on 0845 6018855.

Information on protecting pipes on private property and short films showing practical advice such as how to locate your stop cock to stem the flow of a burst can be found at:

Anyone with a disability or medical condition which makes then even more vulnerable when they lose their water supply can register with Scottish Water's additional support register by calling 0845 601 8855