Building schools for the future – the new Campbeltown Grammar School

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Campbeltown is set to benefit from a brand new Grammar School. The project is a significant investment in the town and its young people. The £25.5m project will be taken forward by Argyll and Bute Council in partnership with hub North Scotland Ltd and the Scottish Futures Trust through the Scottish Government's Schools for the Future programme.

The new Campbeltown Grammar School will be built on the existing school site. The location was selected in January 2013 following a detailed analysis of four sites within the town. The site provides enough space for a good quality new school building and associated facilities such as formal and informal play space, pupil and bus drop-off and parking. It was considered the most suitable because it is land already owned by the council and it has existing infrastructure and services in place.

The construction of the new school, with capacity for up to 500 pupils, is expected to be complete towards the spring of 2018 with the external works following.

We will keep you informed about progress and other arrangements that you need to know about through regular newsletters and updates.

In the meantime below are answers to some of the questions you may have about the new Campbeltown Grammar School.

Why is the site for the new Campbeltown Grammar at the existing school?

Following a detailed analysis of four sites in Campbeltown, Argyll and Bute Council agreed in January 2013 that the new school should be built on the existing site of Campbeltown Grammar School.  This site was deemed the most suitable available due to factors such as:

  • existing infrastructure and services in place;
  • relatively large, flat site;
  • land in council ownership; and
  • reuses the existing site

Does the council own all the land to build upon?

Yes.  All the land required for the new school and associated playing fields is in council ownership.

Will the school be fully operational during the construction of the new school?

In principle, all the works to build the new school building will happen to the west of the existing building and be accessed independently.  This means that the current main school building will function as normal during the works.  Once the new school building has been occupied, all of the existing buildings will be demolished and the new 3G synthetic pitch and pupil drop off and parking areas will be built in the location of the current buildings.

When will the school be finished?

The construction of the new school, with capacity for up to 500 pupils, is expected to be complete towards the spring of 2018 with the external works following.

What is the capacity of the new school?

The school is being built to have a design capacity of 500 pupils.

Is there going to be a new road up to the new school?

No.  The intention is that a larger, more accessible pupil drop off will be formed in the school grounds using the existing Hutcheon Road entrance.  In addition, a revamped bus turning area including a second pupil drop off facility will be created allowing improved access from the western edge of the site.

Is Hutcheon Road going to be upgraded/widened as part of this project?

There is no requirement for a traffic assessment to be made for the new school, as there is no significant change in the school roll and the routes being used to access the school are the same.  So there are no road alterations planned.

Have we consulted with pupils, staff and parents?

Yes. There have been regular meetings with a Schools Champions Group of pupils, staff, and parents.

How much is it going to cost?

The total capital cost for the school is approximately £25.5M

Is all the funding in place?

The council has agreed to make provision of its share of the estimated cost of the new school, augmented by funding support from the Scottish Government.

Will public access to Campbeltown Grammar School’s community facilities be affected during the construction period?

Although the school will be built on the existing west playground, all other current facilities used presently by the community, for example the school assembly hall, will be available throughout the works.  Once the new school has opened, the enhanced facilities in the new school will be available, including the new 3G synthetic pitch, for community use. 

Will there be new community facilities provided?

Once opened, the whole school will be available for community use.  One of the key developments will be the provision of a new four badminton court sized sports hall and a full size 3G synthetic pitch, as well as a full size grass pitch.

Will the existing grass pitch at the school be closed during the building of the school?

The final details of the whole construction period have still to be developed by hubNorth along with their Tier 1 building contractor Morrison’s Construction.  This will be determined through full discussion with the school.  If required, the school will be able to make arrangements to use the 3G synthetic pitch at Aqualibrium

What is going to happen to all the trees and shrubs at the current site?

A landscape architect will be part of the hubNorth design team to develop the external landscaping plans for the school.  This work has still to be completed.  One area where trees may have to be removed is at the current bus turning area to allow an improved bus turning facility and pupil drop off to be created.