Finalising Burnside Square Consultation

Final consultation to finalise Burnside Square

As part of the ongoing community engagement throughout the project, we have had engagement in person, by email and by phone with various users and potential users of the new Square over the course of 2023 about different aspects of how the Square might be used in the future, in particular: 

  • Community requirements for use of In-Ground Power at Burnside Square,
  • Any desire for business use of areas of Burnside Square

Read the results of our previous consultation.

To bring everything together before finalising Burnside Square, we are now running a final consultation exercise which will allow us to collate all views on the use of vacant corners:

Take part in the Finalising Burnside Square Consultation

We are also hosting, as part of this consultation exercise, an Open Day at the Town Hall on Monday 19th February in Campbeltown from 3pm to 8pm to discuss the Square and its future arrangement.

Consultation dates
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