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COSLA Scottish Joint Council for Local Government Employees


1 rep, 1 sub


The SJC is Scotland’s largest council in terms of both employer representation and the number of employees covered. The full SJC contains 32 councillors (one from each Scottish local authority), the COSLA Resources Spokesperson, and 33 trades union representatives.


The full SJC meets once a year in November and has decision making authority. In practice, however, decisions about financial matters, and pay in particular, are reserved for COSLA Leaders who provide negotiating remits.


Each council is asked to nominate one member to the SJC. The SJC constitution does not specify anything about the councillor nominated and, while it does not need to be a Leader or Depute Leader, a resources spokesperson or similar may be appropriate. When the nominated councillor is unable to attend a meeting, the constitution allows another councillor to substitute. SJC advises that councils may wish to nominate a member who can deputise in this way, or may wish to address it on an ad hoc basis should the need arise.


Contact information

Ed Gordon, Policy Assistant Email: ed@cosla.gov.uk