Issue - decisions



The Committee gave consideration to a report reviewing the decisions taken by Members at the Council meeting held on 24 September 2020 relating to meetings and associated matters.  The report also provided an update on the progress of the project that would see Microsoft Teams becoming the preferred platform for meetings and provided details on the proposals to facilitate hybrid meetings and live streaming.




The Council –


1.    Agreed that all committee meetings will continue on a virtual basis, as per the arrangements agreed by Council in September 2020.


2.    Agreed that there is no further requirement for the Business Continuity Committee (BCC) and the Leadership Group, that they are discontinued and between the date of this report and the end of the Covid response that the Chief Executive will, in any instance where it is proposed to use emergency powers as set out in the constitution, consult with the Leader, Depute Leader, and Leader of the largest Opposition Group where available.


3.    Noted the progress made to date in relation to the rollout of Microsoft Teams as the preferred meeting platform, including for the options relating to hybrid meetings and live streaming.


4.    Agreed that testing of Teams as the preferred meeting platform will continue and that a report be brought to the June meeting of Council which will detail progress, address issues with regards to dialling in via telephone, Teams access via iPads and electronic voting, and outline the next steps.


5.    Agreed to the recording of strategic committee meetings as set out at 4.7.3 with a view to the arrangements for this being incorporated into the next review of the Council Constitution. 


6.    Agreed that a further review of the operation of committees on a virtual basis will be undertaken and reported to Council in September 2021.


(Reference:  Report by Executive Director with responsibility for Legal and Regulatory Support dated 5 April 2021, submitted)