Committee details

Community Services Committee

Purpose of committee

All of the functional area within the Community Services department not

otherwise reserved to the Council or the Policy and Resources Committee

including, without prejudice to the foregoing generality, the following:-


Education and Lifelong Learning

The relevant functional areas relating to schools education, educational psychology, early learning and childcare, youth services, and lifelong learning.


For the avoidance of doubt, it shall discharge the powers and duties as education authority, and in relation to those functions, the dismissal of a teacher whose contract of employment incorporates the Strathclyde Regional Council Conditions of Service for Teachers in Day Schools


Communities and Culture

Libraries, halls, arts and culture.

Community Planning

The relevant functional areas relating to housing and homelessness, community learning and development, libraries and culture, leisure and sport.


In respect of the following matters now delegated to the Argyll and Bute Integration Joint Board to consider any policy proposals in respect of the following areas and to offer comment thereon:-


Children and Families and Adult Social Work Services

The relevant functional areas relating to children and families and adult social work services, criminal justice services, child and adult protection, corporate parenting, school hostels and community justice social work services.