Agenda and minutes

Short Life Working Group - Recognition of Local Achievements - Wednesday, 16 January 2013 9:45 am

Venue: Corran Halls, Oban

Contact: Danielle Finlay, Area Governance Assistant - 01546 604139 

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Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Hall.








Extract from Oban Lorn and the Isles Area Committee on 12 December 2012.




The Head of Governance and Law advised that the meeting was inquorate and therefore no decisions could be reached.  He suggested that discussion take place and any recommendations considered appropriate could be referred to the next meeting for approval.  


The Group agreed to progress with discussions regarding what, if any, arrangements should be put in place to mark local achievements in the Oban, Lorn and the Isles area.  During discussion the following notes of points raised were recorded.


1.   The proposed Lorn medals are not required given the existing mechanisms to recognise achievement or voluntary service.

2.    Quaichs should be issued to deserving individuals and that the following process is noted

                i.     Proposals intimated to the Council be held pending a Chatham house discussion in September each year to consider nominations;

              ii.     That discussion will consider if an alternate route should be looked at i.e. BEM submission;

             iii.     A recipient will not normally be eligible for doing the ‘day job’;

            iv.     If there is public speculation around an award for an individual that may be a factor that will mitigate against an award being made;

              v.     No Member should engage in discussion or express support for any proposal publically until the award has been presented;

            vi.     Members should have regard to previous award justification in ensuring the Quaich remains highly valued by a recipient;

           vii.     The award would be made on the basis of either;

-actions that have promoted Oban Lorn and the Isles beyond the authority area; and

-voluntary service to the community and that service are drawing to an end.

         viii.     There should be no more than one or two individual recipients per annum presented with the award in December where possible.

3.    Clubs and organisations who have achieved significant national or international success or where they have achieved a landmark in their chosen area of participation will be eligible for a Quaich and plaque and the same process and timeline will be followed as for individual awards unless there are exceptional circumstances.

4.    The Area Committee will seek to agree such awards by consensus as worthy recipients should engender a wide degree of support .The Area Committee will consider whether the scoring mechanism used by third sector grants assessment process might be helpful.

5.    Note that it remains at the discretion of the Area Committee and Common Good Fund to recognise achievement that doesn’t qualify for such an award if so advised.