Agenda and minutes

Mid Argyll Partnership - Monday, 20 November 2017 10:00 am

Venue: Council Chambers, Kilmory, Lochgilphead

Contact: Danielle Finlay, Senior Area Committee Assistant - 01436 657646 

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Welcome and Apologies


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and general introductions were made.


Apologies for absence were intimated by:-


Jim Frame, SEPA

Ben Tustin, SEPA

Jennifer Nicoll, HIE

David Jardine, Forestry Commission

Mary Smyth, Craignish Community Council


Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest intimated. 


Minute of the last meeting held on 8 March 2017 pdf icon PDF 91 KB


The Minute of the previous meeting of the Mid Argyll Partnership (MAP) held on 8 March 2017 was approved as a true record. 


Issues with new appointments system at Mid Argyll Community Hospital and Integrated Care Centre (MACHICC)


Discussion took place in respect of issues relating to the new appointment system at the Mid Argyll Community Hospital and Integrated Care Centre (MACHICC), specifically relating to the Medical Practice.  A number of concerns were raised, these included:-


·         the need to disclose ailments and symptoms to the receptionist, prior to being given either a phone slot with a Doctor or an appointment with the Senior Nurse Practitioner;

·         the ways in which results of blood tests and urine samples were advised;

·         the inability to make an appointment for a face-to-face consultation with a Doctor in the first instance;

·         the possible workload issues for the Senior Nurse Practitioner and

·         prescribing by over the phone appointments.


The Chair, Mr Buntin advised that Lochgilphead Community Council had written to the Business Development Advisor at MACHICC regarding the number of concerns they had received from members of the local community.  Mr Buntin advised that the response received had been negative and advised that it was now proposed that the appointment system be rolled out throughout Mid Argyll.  Further discussion took place in respect of the evaluation of the system; the need for people to lodge complaints with the Medical Practice and the possibility of raising the issue in other forums such as the local Health Forum. 




The Partnership:-


1.    requested that the Governance and Risk Manager write to the Business Development Advisor at Lochgilphead Medical Practice highlighting the issues discussed and inviting both the Practice Manager and Business Development Advisor to attend the next meeting of the group; and

2.    requested that a copy of the letter and the response be circulated to the group ahead of the next meeting of the group. 


Scottish Water & Flooding Issues


Councillor Horn spoke of the ongoing flooding issues in Tarbert and Clachan.  She spoke of the 5 residential properties and 2 businesses in Tarbert which are frequently flooded out with raw sewage.  She outlined the difficulties faced by the residents, who could not use the ground floor of their properties and found it difficult obtaining building insurance.  Councillor Horn advised that for years Scottish Water have advised that they were trying to resolve the issues and more recently that the issues were tidal, despite the tide being out at the time.


Councillor Horn sought the support of the Partnership in addressing these issues, which also had the support of the local MP and MSP. 




The Partnership requested that the Chair raise this matter at the CPP Management Committee meeting on 5 December 2017, and feedback the outcome of discussions to Councillor Horn. 



Visit Scotland Centre


Councillor Horn addressed the partnership in relation to the closure of Visit Scotland offices in both Tarbert and Inveraray.  She outlined the loss of jobs within the area together with the loss of training opportunities for young people.  Discussion took place in respect of the need to have some form of information centre in an area steeped in history and the possibility that the Heart of Argyll could address the issues in the Mid Argyll and Inveraray area, with the support of the Partnership. 


The Community Development Officer provided information about the Argyll and the Islands Tourism Cooperative (AITC), who were organising a series of Mini Tourism Summits across the region, with the Mid Argyll and Inveraray one taking place on Tuesday, 5th December between 12.00 Noon and 5.00pm at The Isthmus Café Bistro in Tarbert.  Further information about the event can be found at 




The Partnership requested:-


1.    that the Chair raise this issue at the CPP Management Committee meeting on 5 December 2017, with a view to bringing it to the MAKI CPG meeting in February 2018 as part of the action plan; and 

2.    that this issue be referred to the MAKI Area Committee meeting for discussion on 6 December 2017. 



Closure of Public Toilets


Discussion took place in respect of current budget consultation which included the proposals for the closure of 36 of the 57 public conveniences in Argyll and Bute.  Partners expressed their concern at the proposals with health and tourism being the main areas of concern.  Further discussion was had in relation to the possibility of asset transfer and working in partnership with the Council, with the example of the working arrangement between the Council’s Amenity Services and West Kintyre Community Council in respect of the toilet facilities provided in Tayinloan being cited.  Further concerns were raised as Ardrishaig Community Council had intimated that through discussions with the Amenity Services Manager, it had become apparent that the opportunity for partnership working was no longer a viable option.  The Chair advised that discussions at the MAKI Community Planning Group had included issues with campervans on Islay dumping their waste water and advised that going forward the closure of public conveniences could be an issue on a wider scale.  


The Senior Committee Assistant agreed to circulate the link to the consultation on the Council’s website.   




Partners requested that the Governance and Risk Manager draft a letter on behalf of the group in consultation with the Chair, in response to the consultation, expressing the concerns raised.    


Way forward for group/Proposed new ways of working


The Chair spoke to the remit and guidelines of the group and to previous discussions on the way forward.  Discussion was had in relation to the continuation of the group and the need for Partners to play an active role in setting the agenda and bringing forward local items that could be fed into the community planning process through this vehicle.  General discussion took place in respect of the level of administrative support being provided by the Council’s Governance and Law department. 




The Partnership agreed that the group would continue to function in its current format.   


Partner Updates


Councillor Horn advised that Tarbert and Skipness Community Trust had expressed an interest in the Visit Scotland office, and were awaiting the outcome of discussions in this regard.  Councillor Horn introduced Nicky Brown to the group and advised that she was carrying out a freelance role in community development on behalf of the Trust and would be with them for an initial period of 24 weeks. 


Councillor Philand encouraged partners to participate in the current budget consultation, which could be found at 


Rosemary Turner of Craignish Community Council, spoke of the dissatisfaction of the Community Council at the response they received in relation to the letter they had submitted to the Health Service in respect of the new appointment service at Lochgilphead Medical Centre. 


Antonia Baird, Community Development Officer encouraged partners to view and participate in the Supporting Communities Fund digital site, which can be found at .


Lynda Syed of Furnace Community Council spoke of the success of the monthly newsletter and the over 60’s exercise group, which had originally began on a 6 week trial, but had proven so popular, with an excess of 30 participants, was still going strong.  Ms Syed also spoke of the preparations for the Christmas lunch for the elderly, which is taking place on 9 December 2017.  Ms Syed further advised that despite having received assurances a year ago from the Council, the community were still awaiting lighting for the footpath.  She asked the elected members in attendance to take this matter forward.


Inspector Julie McLeish of Police Scotland advised of the staffing changes within the area and the roll out of the anti-bullying campaign in schools across Argyll and Bute.  Inspector McLeish further advised of the upcoming festive campaigns with the drink drive campaign starting on 1 December 2017.  


Councillor Taylor encouraged partners to view and participate on the public consultation on budget savings, and asked that the Senior Committee Assistant circulate the link to the group following the meeting.  Councillor Taylor advised that the closing date for the consultation is 2 January 2018. 


Betty Rhodick of Lochgilphead Community Council advised that the Remembrance Day Commemorations had gone well and expressed her gratitude to Police Scotland in respect of their participation and assistance on the day.  She outlined upcoming events including the Christmas Lights Switch On, which will take place on 1 December 2017 at the MAYDS Centre.  She also advised that she would be attending the next meeting of the Integrated Joint Board and would ensure that the concerns in relation to the new appointment service at the Medical Centre were raised. 


Fred Bruce of West Lochfyne Community Council spoke of ongoing discussions with Scottish Water in relation to the purchase of land; the issues in relation to the footpath at the War Memorial in Minard and the first tranche of funding from the windfarm, which had secured funding for small projects within the area.  Mr Bruce advised of ongoing discussions with BEAR Scotland in relation to progressing works on the A83.


Edward Laughton of Ardrishaig Community Council advised of a number of projects which included works at the John Smith Memorial; ongoing discussions regarding fencing at the King George field; the possible asset transfer of the public conveniences; the renovation of the North Hall; and the maintenance works in Robbers Den which had been possible due to funding secured from the Scottish Rural Development Fund. He advised that this area was now included in the Council’s Core Paths.  Mr Laughton spoke of the successful partnership working with Scottish Canals in relation to the regeneration works at the old Gleaner Site.


Councillor MacMillan advised that he was glad to see the Partnership continuing and thanked Partners for their continued support. 


The Chair, Andy Buntin of Lochgilphead Community Council spoke of the revision of the Community Action Plan following discussions at the last meeting of the MAKI CPG.  He advised that lobbying was currently being undertaken to get inclusion on the Rural Deal and the Single Investment Plan.  Mr Buntin further advised that it was hoped that lobbying would include the A83 Taskforce for inclusion of the whole A83 corridor within the MAKI area.  Mr Buntin spoke of the microgrant which had seen a number of local charities benefit from funding, and he advised that there was still some money left for distribution. 



Date of Next Meeting


Partners noted that the date for the next meeting of the Mid Argyll Partnership was yet to be confirmed.