Agenda and minutes

Argyll and Bute Community Planning Partnership - Full Partnership - Friday, 10 November 2006 11:00 am

Venue: Council Chamber, Kilmory, Lochgilphead

Contact: Grace Leitch Tel: 01546 604489 

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Allan Macaskill, Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.  In particular a welcome was extended to Eileen Wilson, who was attending  her first meeting of the Community Planning Partnership as Community Planning Manager and to Sergeant Gordon Anderson who had been appointed Marlene Baillie’s successor as Argyll and Bute’s Local Authority Liaison Officer.


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Argyll and Bute Community Planning Partnership 7 July 2006


The minutes of the meeting held on 7 July 2006 were accepted as an accurate record.




The matters arising were those noted on the agenda for the meeting.



Verbal Report by Andrew Campbell


Andrew Campbell provided a verbal update on the Management Committee meetings held on 23 August and on 4 October 2006, confirming that details of all matters would be available in the minutes held on the Council’s website.


Andrew advised that discussion took place on 23 August 2006 on the evaluation update of the Bute and Cowal Area Partnership, consultation on the Scottish Rural Development Plan, the development of Core Path planning, and that an update was provided from the Health and Wellbeing Group as well as the provision of information regarding the position of the Sustaining and Developing our Communities, Culture and Environment Group and the proposal that this Group be partly absorbed into the existing Strategic Housing Forum and that new members for the broader Group, drawn from the Sustaining and Developing our Communities, Culture and Environment Group – and to be known as the Housing and Communities Group – would be SEPA, Scottish Water, Forestry Commission, Alienergy, Community Regeneration (with respect to reporting to CRF), and Crofter’s Commission.


Following the Management Committee decision on 23 August that Andrew Campbell be asked to continue as Chair for a further year, that a Vice-Chair should be appointed who would take the role of Chair at the end of the Vice-Chair term, it was discussed and agreed at the meeting on 4 October that Raymond Park, Strathclyde Police would be Vice-Chair, taking over as Chair of the Management Committee in 2007.


Raymond Park confirmed being in discussion with Andrew Campbell and that he looked forward to taking on the role of Chair next year following his period as Vice-Chair.


Andrew encouraged partners to read the website and hoped that efforts could be made to reduce paper work.





  • Health and Wellbeing Group (Elaine Garman)
  • Argyll and the Islands Economic Forum
  • Dunbartonshire Economic Forum – no update
  • Housing and Communities – no update (next meeting in December 2006)
  • Update on Bute and Cowal Local Community Planning Pilot

Additional documents:


Health and Wellbeing Group


Elaine Garman, Chair of the Health and Wellbeing Group, updated partners on the activities of the Group, copies of the report having previously been circulated.  This included the Joint Health Improvement Plan (JHIP) and it was noted that local health networks are encouraging partnership working, the Health Improvement Fund and localities’ own Action Plans in particular.


Progress is being made in all areas of JHIP actions including partnership working in regard to alcohol, CHD, stroke and cancer, mental health and wellbeing, safer communities, inequalities and will keep progressing development.


Elaine answered questions relating to problems of heart disease and cancer and that these were being addressed with activity in addressing diet in the elderly and the young , with  projects encouraging healthy eating, in addition to those included in the JHIP.  Elaine explained how the Group were taking matters forward relating to health and that the Group were also promoting good communication.


The partners discussed the importance of healthy eating in school children and although schools were encouraging this it was agreed that commercial outlets should also be encouraged to provide healthy eating.


Raymond Park advised partners regarding correspondence between Strathclyde Police and the Health and Wellbeing Group, that the counselling service was being revamped with all partners involved.


John Ironside, Strathclyde Fire and Rescue would give support in the Action Plan to bring down barriers.


Keith Miller, Forestry Commission Scotland, confirmed a new strategy using key themes including health improvement with various health initiatives.


Jim Clinton, Bute Community Links, advised that through a meeting group progress has now been made in addressing assistance with the programme.


Argyll and the Islands Local Economic Forum


The report on the activities of the Argyll and the Islands Local Economic Forum, copies having previously been circulated, was noted.


Alan Milstead updated the partners on the report in regard to the Mull Pool where work had started.  Questions on progress regarding the designation of a Marine National Park and a discussion ensued.  The section in the report on statistics on measurement of economic development activities was highlighted and Alan emphasised the importance of Ken MacTaggart’s presentation being brought to the meeting.  The Chair reported that he had written looking to Northern Ireland to contribute in addition to the Scottish Executive’s contribution.


Dunbartonshire Economic Forum


There was no update from Dunbartonshire Economic Forum.  It was agreed that Eileen Wilson would write to Aileen Edwards requesting an update to the next meeting.


Housing and Communities Group


It was noted that the first meeting of the combined Strategic Housing Forum and the CPP Housing and Communities Group would be held on Friday 8 December 2006 and that an update would be brought to the next meeting.


Update on Bute and Cowal Local Community Planning Pilot


Eileen Wilson provided a verbal update on the progress on the Bute and Cowal Local Community Planning Pilot.  Eileen advised that she had written to all partners encouraging representation from local organisations to the seminar to be held on Friday 1 December 2006 in Strachur Village Hall, 10.00 am – 3.45 pm and would feed back the specific actions to the next meeting.





The Partnership noted the Annual Report on the three islands of Colonsay, Coll and Jura received from Hugh Donaldson, Initiative at the Edge Co-ordinator, copies having previously been circulated.


Hugh Donaldson had provided information prior to the meeting on the situation regarding Local  Development Officers, advising that Paula Darnton-Smith, Coll DLO, had left and that a new DLO originally from Coll, and now returning to the island, had been appointed.


Hugh had also advised that Colonsay was due to go out of designation and that a plan had not been forthcoming  of how this would continue working but that they managed to get assistance form the Community Land Unit with three months’ extra funding put into place and were to bring together the crofting remit and their proposals regarding new housing.    Hugh would be making a case to influence the Community Planning Partnership decision to retain the community link.


Hugh Donaldson had also confirmed he would bring updates on this information to the Management Committee on 6 December 2006.


The partnership discussed the need for the Scottish Executive to make finance available to enable the islands to improve and agreed that partners should be involved in encouraging agencies to prioritise working in the island areas.


COMMUNITY PLAN PROPOSAL FOR 2007 - 2012 pdf icon PDF 69 KB


Eileen Wilson reported to the meeting on the future Community Plan proposal, copies of which had been previously circulated, together with the proposed implementation schedule.  It was noted that the Plan would be built around the leading Rural Area vision for Argyll and Bute and developed through a process of collaboration where partners and communities have the opportunity to comment on the proposed key topics to be addressed by the partnership over the five year period to 2012.


The meeting agreed the timing outlined in the Community Plan Implementation Schedule.



10 Minute Presentation on the Organisation’s new role and function – John Ironside


With reference to minutes of meeting held on 11 November 2005, John Ironside of Strathclyde Fire and Rescue gave a presentation on the organisation’s new role and function following re-structuring.


John Ironside explained that the organisation welcomed the challenge of being given the duty and power of re-structuring following the introduction of the 2005 Fire Service Act.  He emphasised the priorities for the Service would be Community Engagement, Safer Communities and Prevention, the wider Rescue role taking on offshore water rescue, being in the right place at the right time, and by being a local authority based service would be consulting with effective partners.  There were now 10 areas of command in Strathclyde, previously covered by 5 larger areas, making the Argyll and Bute team more accessible to the local community in terms of need.  Among the priorities for the Argyll and Bute area would be vulnerable persons, anti social behaviour, unwanted fire signals.  The service would be looking to the Partnership for assistance.


John Ironside answered various questions in regard to volunteer and retained fighters and it was hoped to encourage manpower resources returning to the area.  Discussion also took place regarding the ongoing proactive visits to householders and building on the involvement of the service with local groups, providing information and providing awareness of assistance available.


The Fire and Rescue Vision document to the year 2015 is available on the website –




10 Minute Presentation and 10 Minute Question and Answer Session – Ken Mactaggart


Ken MacTaggart, Independent Economic Adviser to the Argyll and the Islands Economic Forum, gave a presentation on the Strategy for Argyll and the Islands Economic Forum.  The aim of the strategy was to promote prosperity and wellbeing for the people of all parts of Argyll and the Islands.  The list of objectives and steps taken to measure progress and effect measurement of the strategy was explained.  The strategic framework objectives include Growing Business, Global Connections, Skills and Learning, Strengthening Communities and Sustaining the Environment.


Figures were presented showing steady statistics regarding new Business Formation through the Banks, figures on the numbers Unemployed fluctuated between May 2004 and September 2006, with figure slightly improved, percentage of businesses able to access Broadband had steadily increased over the period April 2004 to December 2005.  Population figures in the Argyll and the Islands area (including the Isle of Arran) for the period mid 2004 to mid 2005 showed a decline of 0.4%.  Figures relating to ineffective Housing Stock showed a high percentage of holiday homes and vacant dwellings in Argyll and Bute in relation to the total number in Scotland.  Domestic Waste Re-cycling was showing a positive trend.


Discussion followed on population figures showing migration to Argyll and Bute and it was noted that in comparison with Highlands and Islands there was steady growth in Argyll and Bute.  The meeting also discussed the constraints on housing and the need to address improvement in affordable housing as well as employment rates.  It was acknowledged that there was a need to maintain the inward migration and for retaining young people.




10 Minute Presentation – Mike Firth (Ref Minutes 7 July 06)


Reference minutes of last meeting held on 7 July 2006, Mike Firth gave a presentation on Scottish Water’s Investment Plan for Water and Sewerage.  He accepted that Scottish Water had  not previously been looking to the future but had focused on the here and now, that there had been a historic lack of investment with no significant funding for growth, headroom was used up and had experienced tightening EU standards.


Scottish Water plan over the  next four years for £2.15 billion to continue quality improvements are now specifically funded to enable development and can say yes to development, with new rules for developers to pay for upgrade of sewers and water mains.


He explained new market rules being applied where Scottish Water are funded to upgrade treatment works, where the developer pays for sewers and water mains required to service new homes, with a new infrastructure charge of approximately £500 per property.  Scottish Water makes a reasonable cost contribution (RCC) of up to £2,800 per home, with model running costs refunded if development approved subject to maximum level of RCC, that developers no longer require to build network models, and Communities Scotland fund £14 million a year for affordable housing.


Scottish water were now working more effectively with local authorities, prioritising areas such as Quality and Growth Projects for Water and Wastewater Treatment at Port Charlotte, Carradale, Belmore-Garelochhead, Tiree, Kilmelford, Dunoon and Taynuilt Growth, Projects for Waste Water Treatment at  Ardfern, Campbeltown, Tighnabruaich, Shandon and Port Ellen and for Growth Projects for Water Treatment at Ardrishaig, Arinagour-Coll and Lochdon-Mull.


Various questions were put to and answered by Mike Firth.  Discussion included issues regarding planning permissions which were being addressed and in regard to problems with old infrastructure and the associated health and safety issues, the planning authority would investigate making it a condition on applications for planning permission for new works that the old infrastructure be removed.  Discussion also followed on the high costs of housing for those sites without water.  The partnership would welcome Scottish Water’s involvement in the Community Planning Theme Groups.



  • Friday 2 March 2007
  • Friday 6 July 2007
  • Friday 9 November 2007


It was agreed that future meetings of the Community Planning Partnership be held as follows:-


  • Friday 2 March 2007
  • Friday 6 July 2007
  • Friday 9 November 2007





Coastal Marine National Park



It was noted that the timing for consultation on the designation of a Coastal Marine National Park did not fit in with timing of future meetings of the Partnership.  The two more favourable areas, out of 10, being considered in the consultation were (1) Islay, Jura and Tiree, and (2) Ardnamurchan, Tiree, Coll and Mull.   The Council will be responding regarding the consultation to the Scottish Executive in January 2007, having requested an extension to the period of consultation and partners were also encouraged to respond through the Partnership.  It was noted that Scottish Natural heritage were responding as part of SEERAD.



Strathclyde Fire and  Rescue



John Ironside asked for volunteers with Strathclyde Fire and Rescue’s communications strategy.



Communities Scotland



David Dowie provided an update to the meeting on the activities of Communities Scotland about their  balanced programme in various areas, about Development Plans for Argyll and the Islands including the Initiative at the Edge Islands of Coll, Colonsay and Jura, housing affordability and that they are working with the Crofting Commission.  There has been substantial investment in housing over the last three years and first time buyers on to the housing market.  The impending local authority housing stock transfer, which had been put back to 21 November 2006, would have a large impact on employment as well as housing.  Revisions in the Local Plan would free up land for housing. 



Housing Stock Transfer



It was noted that the housing stock transfer from Argyll and Bute Council to the Argyll Community Housing Association (ACHA) was being held up due to ACHA’s Investment Plan issues and should soon be drawn to a conclusion.  The details were being taken to the Council on 15 November and if all conditions of the transfer are satisfied, the transfer would be completed following 7 days’ notification to tenants when all housing services currently provided by the Council would transfer to ACHA.









Allan Macaskill thanked John Ironside, Ken MacTaggart and Mike Firth for their presentations on behalf of Strathclyde Fire and Rescue, Argyll and the Islands Economic Forum and Scottish Water respectively.




Reference minutes of the management committee meeting held on 19 April 2006 it was agreed that a performance of the play “Jackie’s Story” be provided as part of the Domestic Abuse Strategy to raise awareness of particular issues and barriers which can be faced when experiencing domestic abuse within a rural area and the need to continue to educate and create greater awareness for men, women, children and young people, agencies involved and employers and the public at large.


The meeting were invited to attend the performance of “Jackie’s Story” following adjournment for lunch when Pamela MacDonald, Women’s Aid introduced Naomi Breeze of Breeze Productions, who gave a powerful performance of the one-woman play enacting the story of one woman’s experience of mental and physical abuse.