Agenda and minutes

Planning, Protective Services and Licensing Committee - Thursday, 16 August 2012 12:00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber, Kilmory, Lochgilphead

Contact: Fiona McCallum Tel. No. 01546 604392 

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Apologies for absence were intimated from Councillors Rory Colville, Robin Currie,  David Kinniburgh and Richard Trail.




None declared.




The Chair welcomed everyone to the Hearing and asked that participants introduce themselves.  Thereafter he outlined the procedure that would be followed.


Mr Reppke advised that a late representation had been received from Environmental Health Services outwith the 28 day period allowed for objections and representations to be made and that the Environmental Health Officer was in attendance and would be able to advise of the reason why the objection was submitted late.  It was for the Committee to decide whether or not they would wish to take this late objection into consideration.  The Chair invited submissions from the Objector and from the Applicant.


Ms Rains advised that this matter had been raised at an Anti Social Behaviour meeting and that further information was requested from the Police to assist with her report to this Committee.  She advised that once the information was submitted by the Police she had lodged her objection 2 days after the deadline date.


The Applicant’s Agent, Mr McIver accepted that it was a matter for the Committee to decide whether or not to consider this late objection but commented on how long it had taken the Environmental Health Officer to make her representation and that the reason for it being late was to await information from the Police who were not even objecting to the Application.




That the late objection should be considered as it would be difficult for the Committee to come to a decision without knowing the views of the Environmental Health Officer.


Moved by Councillor Freeman, seconded by Councillor McQueen.




That the late objection should not be considered from the Environmental Health Officer.


Moved by Councillor Hall, seconded by Councillor MacDougall.


The Motion was carried by 5 votes to 4 and the Committee agreed to accept the late objection from the Environmental Health Officer.


The Chair then invited the Applicant to speak in support of his Application.




Mr McIver, on behalf of the Applicant, advised that the premises Three in One would be known to some Members and that the Applicant had been operating successfully here for over 11 years and that his business was well patronised.  He confirmed that the Applicant had adhered to the present conditions attached to his licence and that no complaints had been made about his business which employed a mix of 20 part time and full time staff.  He advised that the premises was situated in the centre of Dunoon close to a number of liquor licensed establishments.  He referred to the objections made by the Environmental Health Officer which were predicated upon observations undertaken on 15 /16 October 2010 nearly 2 years ago and made reference to a number of points raised by the Environmental Health Officer in her representation in respect of Ferry Brae and Argyll Gardens.  Mr McIver advised it was his understanding that these 2 locations have been a place where people have congregated for some time even before Mr Zadeh’s business was in operation and that some people will hang around for no particular reason.  He noted that there were no complaints recorded against the Three and One for noise disturbances. Mr McIver also referred to the police incidents recorded over a period of 3 years.  He stated that there were 33 incidents over a period of 36 months and of these 33 only 7 related directly to the Three and One and that each of these incidents related to staff just doing their job.  He advised that there was always the potential for noise to rise when patrons were leaving liquor licensed premises and asked how blame for this can be lain at the door of the takeaway premises.  He advised that there has not been a single complaint about the operation of the Three in One premises and that this business contributed hugely to the economy of Dunoon.  He referred to the Bombay restaurant trading until 3 am.  He advised that it would be unfair not to grant the renewal of the late hours catering licence based on out of date evidence from the Environmental Health Officer and that the noise reports were 2 years old.  Mr McIver advised that no complaints or objections had been made by local residents and that there was nothing to connect the noise disturbance directly to the Three and One premises.  He advised that the business has operated successfully for a number of years and that the application deserved to be renewed.


The Chair invited the Environmental Health Officer to ask the Applicant questions and Ms Rains confirmed she had no questions.


The Chair invited Ms Rains to speak in support of her objection.




Ms Rains referred to the contents of her representation and advised that the basis of her objection was to protect the local residents and community of Dunoon from noise disturbance in the late hours of the morning and the report dated 2010 was made at the request of the Anti Social Behaviour Officer.  She referred to Argyll Gardens being a focal point where people congregated and where noise can happen.  She advised that the Three in One operating a late hours catering also acted as a focal point for people to congregate.  She acknowledged that she had received no complaints from residents in the area and that it would be the Police that would receive any complaints.  She advised that the premises was run well and the issue was with the people outside the premises.  She recommended that late hours catering establishments should close 30 minutes before liquor licensed premises.


The Chair invited the Applicant to ask the Environmental Health Officer questions.


Questions to Objector


Mr McIver asked if a similar monitoring exercise had been undertaken prior to 2000 and Ms Rain replied that a similar exercise was conducted 6 years ago and did not know of any before 2000.


The Chair invited Members to ask the Applicant and Objector questions.


Members’ Questions


Councillor MacDougall asked why no complaints were received during the Christmas,  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.