Issue - meetings

Replacement of Management Agreement of Luss Estates

Meeting: 20/02/2018 - Duchess Wood Local Nature Reserve Committee (Item 7)

Replacement of Management Agreement with Luss Estates



The Chair advised she has not been able to meet with Mr McCracken, Amenity Performance Manager yet.  It was agreed that the Chair would forward all email correspondence to Ms Cunningham, Technical Officer and she would take this forward.


Discussion took place around the current and previous management agreement and it was agreed that a meeting be set up between the Council and Luss Estates to discuss this.


“The Lost Words”


Stewart Campbell gave an update to the Group on the “Lost Words” book which was published last October and has received a couple of awards so far.  He explained it is an illustrated guide to 20 lost words out of the Children’s Dictionary.  He advised of an initiative currently being undertaken via a Crowdfunding appeal, which would see a copy of the book issued to every school in Scotland. He asked if anyone in the Education Department is aware of this.  The Chair agreed to look into this.


Walk Leader Training


Morevain Martin advised the Group that she is now qualified through Paths for All to take small health groups out walking.