Issue - meetings


Meeting: 06/12/2016 - Local Licensing Forum (Item 6)




The Chair spoke to the Joint Group about his concerns for the future direction and membership of the Local Licensing Forum.  He had been in communication with the Scottish Government  and reported that they are keen to support Forums and are looking at a new alcohol strategy to include the possibility of the National Licensing Board or equivalent to interface between Forums and the Scottish Government with an input from Alcohol Focus Scotland.  Items for discussion could then filter down to the Forums for local contribution which in turn could pass information back to the Scottish Government.  The Group noted that there is a statute reason why the Forums need to exist and there is a need to be given a meaningful remit from the Scottish Government, though it was also felt that Members prefer to decide their own agenda for the Forum.


The Chair informed the Joint Group that Alcohol Focus have events across Scotland and they can be invited to take an active part in Forums and training days. Examples of Aberdeen and Fife were given as having successful Forum’s with active co-operation with Alcohol Focus.


Roanna Clark raised the issues that some young people were having with licence holders not accepting their Young Scot card as a proof of identity.  Angela Walker confirmed that there is currently a debate around Young Scot cards and whether or not they are listed under the Identities Act as an accepted method of identity.




The Joint Group agreed:


i)              that the Chair will formalise his findings from his meetings with Scottish Government and todays Joint meeting and bring a report back to the next meeting of the Local Licensing Forum; and


ii)             to seek confirmation around the Young Scot card being listed under the Identifies Act as an acceptable form of identity.