Issue - meetings


Meeting: 05/09/2023 - Bute and Cowal Area Committee (Item 5)




Alistair McLay asked the Area Committee a number of questions in relation to Dunoon Pier.

1.    Does the Area Committee know which department within the Council currently has responsibility for maintaining the Pier?


2.    Does the Area Committee know how much money is currently set aside annually for the maintenance of the structure and associated buildings and what resource has been committed this year?


3.    I believe over the last couple of years there has been budget surplus, could this be allocated to the Area Committee to maintain the Pier?


4.    What pressure has Argyll and Bute Council brought to central Government to secure the required resources to perform repairs and maintenance?

Councillor McNeilly advised that the Area Committee does not have financial responsibility and cannot make any spending commitments in this regard, adding that this would be a matter for the Policy and Resources Committee or Full Council.

Councillor Moreland advised that over the last few years the Council did not have any surplus money and to significantly improve the Pier would require fiscal intervention by the Scottish or UK Governments. Councillor Moreland further advised that the Council do maintain the Pier but to significantly improve it would require between 8 and 10 million pounds, adding that the Local Councillors are always pushing for funding and would continue to do so.

Mr McLay asked the Area Committee if they would support looking at potentially partnering with a community body to apply for external funds such as the Heritage Lottery Fund?.

Councillor McNeilly highlighted that if Mr McLay had a group in mind that the Area Committee would be happy to engage with them.

The Project Manager advised that information is available through the Marine Asset Management Plan which focuses on marine infrastructure and that he would send Mr McLay the Plan along with the associated budget allocation following the meeting. Mr Calder further advised that the Roads and Infrastructure team are also happy to discuss and support any ideas around the maintenance and improvement of the Pier.

The Project Manager advised that the Dunoon Pier formed part of the wider Council bid for the levelling up fund and that there is a significant amount of information available in this regard. Mr Calder advised that he would circulate this to Mr McLay and the Area Committee for information.

The Area Committee agreed to convene a business day meeting to explore possible future options and funding streams for Dunoon Pier.