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The Council received an informative presentation on the Health and Social Care Partnership Annual Performance Report 2017 by Christina West. The first Annual Report focused on the statutory requirements set out in Scottish Government guidelines, whilst also using performance assessment and local examples to add information and highlight successes and challenges. Members were given the opportunity to ask questions and then the Provost formally thanked Christina for her presentation to the Council.


The Provost adjourned the meeting at 12.20pm and re-convened at 12.25pm.




The Council:


1.     Notes that the annual report has been approved by Argyll and Bute Integration Joint Board and was published on 4th August 2017 and can be found at;

2.     Welcomes the commitment of the Health and Social Care Partnership to ensure that people across Argyll and Bute lead longer, healthier and more independent lives;

3.     Notes with gratitude the dedication of all health and social care staff to delivering vital and much-needed services within our communities;

4.     Highlights the following points raised in the report that:

a)     There has been an increase in the number of outpatient ongoing waits of greater than 12 weeks from 38 to 138 (page 33).

b)     Further guidance is awaited from the Scottish Government in response to the Carers’ Act 2015 (page 42).

c)     There have been difficulties recruiting consultants, GPs, nurses, pharmacists, and other allied health professionals (pages 35 and 98).

d)     Difficulties in consultant recruitment have put services at risk and incurred excessive locum costs (page 98);

5.     Links these points to issues being raised across Scotland that:

a)     The Scottish Government has already recognised the need for additional resources to help meet the Treatment Time Guarantee of 12 weeks by announcing the distribution of £50 million to Health Boards in May 2017.

b)     The Carers’ Act 2015 introduced additional duties to support carers, with initial support for this coming as part of the Local Government Funding settlement for 2017/18.

c)     Audit Scotland’s NHS Workforce Planning report published in July 2017 stated “The Scottish Government and NHS boards have not planned their NHS workforce effectively for the long term.”

d)     Services across Scotland have faced similar pressures including in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and the services provided to Argyll and Bute residents from the Vale of Leven Hospital;

6.     Asks the Chief Executive to write to the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport seeking reassurance that:

a)     Funding to Health Boards by the Scottish Government for the Treatment Time Guarantee is sufficient to fully implement this and reduce waiting times to under 12 weeks.

b)     Requirements introduced by the Carers’ Act have been costed, with guidance given, and that further resources will be provided by the Scottish Government to ensure that all necessary support can be made available locally.

c)     The Scottish Government and NHS Boards have identified as to how recruitment issues at all levels in health and social care can be addressed and how any need for expansion in training required can be achieved.

d)     Local delivery of a wide range of health and care services will be supported particularly in remote, rural and island communities in the context of regional planning.

Moved by Councillor Green, seconded by Councillor Devon.




The Council notes that the annual report has been approved by Argyll and Bute Integration Joint Board and was published on 4 August 2017.


Moved by Councillor Trail, seconded by Councillor Freeman.




On a show of hands vote the Amendment received 11 votes and the Motion received 21 votes, and the Council resolved accordingly.


(Ref: Report by Christina West, Chief Officer Health and Social Care dated August 2017, submitted)


Publication date: 02/10/2017

Date of decision: 28/09/2017

Decided at meeting: 28/09/2017 - Argyll and Bute Council

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