Long term outcomes

To achieve the overall objective set out above 6 long term outcomes have been identified. These outcomes will support the overall objective of “Argyll and Bute’s economic success is built on a growing population” and also address the 6 national policy priorities for community planning.

To achieve each of the 6 long term outcomes will require significant commitment and effort by all partners and also from the whole of Argyll and Bute.

The approach for each long term outcome will be place based recognising the economic, social and physical issues faced by our communities:

  • Develop a clear policy and strategy for the outcome.
  • Identify the actions that are required
  • prepare delivery plans that are clear around resources and risks.
  • Identify the success measures and milestones.
  • Allocate responsibility to partners so there is clear line of sight.

This approach will be backed up by Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle to ensure progress is monitored, lessons are learned and plans and procedures updated.

Performance will be managed quarterly and annually and also over the 10 year period of the SOA. Performance scorecards will be used.

On a quarterly basis performance will be monitored to assess whether actions or milestones have been achieved or are on track. Related to the long term outcomes the emphasis will likely be on input measures or that things have been done or are on track.

Annually performance will be assessed based on performance measures developed as part of detailed planning. These will measure the impact activities are having and will be more output focussed. Again this will relate to the long term outcomes. The national outcome indicators and other national indicator sets will be used to assess long term progress and also the comparative performance of Argyll and Bute over the 10 year life of the SOA. This will assess the issue of “so what difference is this making?”.

The national guidance on community planning set out 6 national policy priorities for community planning. These were:

  1. Economic recovery and growth;
  2. Employment;
  3. Early years;
  4. Safer and stronger communities, and reducing offending;
  5. Health inequalities and physical activity; and
  6. Outcomes for older people.

The 6 long term outcomes for Argyll and Bute contribute to the national priorities for community planning.

Argyll and Bute Long Term Outcomes

Relates to National Policy Priorities

The economy is diverse and thriving


Economic recovery and growth and Employment

We have infrastructure that supports sustainable growth.

Economic recovery and growth

Education, skills and training maximises opportunities for all.

Economic recovery and growth and Employment

Children and young people have the best possible start.

Early years and Health inequalities and physical activity

People live active, healthier and independent lives.

Outcomes for older people and Health inequalities and physical activity

People live in safer and stronger communities.

Safer and stronger communities, and reducing offending

Further detail on each long term outcome including our vision of success in 10 years are set out on the pages that follow.