Lochgilphead CARS grants - how it works

Expression of interest

StepWhat to do
1Initial Expressions of Interest (EOI's) are invited from property and business owners within the programme area 
Fill in our online Expression of Interest form here
2EOI's will be assessed and scored by Officers using Lochgilphead CARS Assessment Table
3"Invitations to apply" will be subsequently issued to projects with the highest scores.
4Application Form and Guidance Notes issued 
5Where applicable, owners could then appoint suitably qualified professional to oversee project
6Agree proposed works with appointed professional. These works should include tasks as per Lochgilphead CARS guidance 
7Obtain three competitive quotes for works
8Property Owners will participate in a start-up meeting with CARS Project Officer and appointed professional. At which full grant procedures/processes are explained
9Obtain any Statutory Consents (i.e. Planning Permission, Listed Building Consent or a Building Warrant)
10Submit completed Lochgilphead CARS Application along with quotes and consents and any other required documents to CARS Project Officer. A submission date will be confirmed
11CARS Project Officer will assess the application and inform applicant of outcome