Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Scottish Government has introduced some changes to the licensing process for some licenses, which mainly relate to the extension of timescales.

Find out more about the changes to alcohol and other licenses here

Licence Name
Animal Boarding Licence
Animal rehoming activities
Animal welfare establishment
Boat Hire Licence
Boilers and Chimneys
Booking Office Licence
Building Standards Certificate of Suitability
Caravan site licence
Cat breeding
Charitable Collections
Child Performance Licence
Cinema licence
Cooling Tower Registration
Dangerous Wild Animal
Dog Breeding
Extended Hours Licence
Feed Hygiene Registration
Fireworks Display late at Night
Food Premises Approval
Food Premises Registration
Gaming Machine Permits
House in Multiple Occupation Licence
Hypnotism Licence
Iona Vehicle Permit
Itinerant Metal Dealer’s Licence
Knife Dealers Licence
Late Hours Catering Licence
Market Operators Licence
Metal Dealer’s Licence
Occasional Licence (to sell alcohol)
Performing animals registration
Personal Licence (to sell alcohol)
Petroleum Storage Certificate/Licence
Premises Licence (for premises to sell alcohol)
Premises Licence (Gambling)
Private Hire Driver’s Licence
Private Landlord Registration
Public Entertainment Licence
Public Procession Licence
Public Weighbridge Operator
Rabbit breeding
Raised Structures Certificate
Riding establishment licence
Road Opening Permit
Scaffolding Permit
Second hand goods dealers licence
Selling animals as pets
Skip Permit
Small Lotteries Licence
Storage and Sale of Fireworks and Other Explosives
Street Café
Street Signs
Street Trader’s Licence
Tattooing and Skin and Body Piercing Licence
Taxi Driver’s Licence
Taxi/Private Hire Car Licence
Theatre Licence
Venison Dealer’s Licence
Window Cleaner’s Licence
Zoo licence