Alcohol Etc. (Scotland) Act 2010

Alcohol Etc (Scotland) Act 2010

The Alcohol Etc (Scotland) Act 2010 extends the scope of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 in relation to off sales of alcohol; premises licences conditions; age verification; health boards consultation; police reports to licensing board and local licensing forum; occasional licences; and social responsibility levy: 

  • Section 2 - Minimum price of packaging containing more than one alcoholic product.
  • Section 3 – Off sales: variation of pricing of alcoholic drinks.
  • Section 4 - Off sales: restriction on supply of alcoholic drinks free of charge or at a reduced price
  • Section 5 – Off sales: location of drinks promotions
  • Section 6 – Requirement for age verification policy
  • Sections 7 & 8 – Premises licences and occasional licences: modification of mandatory conditions
  • Section 9 – Presumption against prohibition on off sales to under 21s
  • Section 10 – Premises licences: variation of conditions
  • Section 11 – Consultation etc. of health boards
  • Section 12 - Chief Constables’ reports to Licensing Boards and Local Licensing Forums
  • Section 13 – Occasional licences: limits on numbers and duration of licences
  • Section 14 & 15 – Licence holders: social responsibility levy


If you require further information on the Alcohol Etc (Scotland) Act 2010 then please contact one of the licensing standards officers.