Knock Bridge, B8035 Mull

Knock Bridge is now reopened to vehicles 

Knock Bridge is now reopened to vehicles with a 33t MGW capacity following completion of strengthening works on the bridge.

The remaining stages of the programme of work which shall be carried out whilst the bridge is open are as follows:

  • Minor pointing work to outside of bridge

  • Verge reinstatement

  • Scaffolding removed

Reduced Weight Restriction Prior to Strengthening Works

Prior to this closure, the B8035 from its junction with the A848 in Salen to the entrance of Balmeanach Farm had a weight restriction of 33 Tonnes Maximum Gross Weight (MGW).  From the entrance of Balmeanach Farm to the B8035/A849 junction the weight restriction is reduced to 18 Tonnes MGW.  Following a recent bridge inspection, Knock Bridge was reduced from a 33 Tonne MGW to a 7.5 Tonne MGW weight restriction, which was causing some local issues in regards to the transfer of goods by road.

Knock Bridge is a 13m single span masonry arch dating from the 18th Century and is a Category B Listed Building.  The bridge was in poor condition due to overloading and although limited remedial works were completed, the bridge was still showing significant distress and for this reason it was considered that a7.5T MGW temporary weight restriction was appropriate.

The 18T MGW weight restriction is in place over a weak section of the B8035.  Timber haulage operations have been suspended on this section of road due to significant damage to the carriageway.  The Traffic Regulation Order “The Argyll and But Council (various Roads, Isle of Mull) (Weight and Length Restrictions) Amendments Order 2011” allows users to request an exemption to the MGW weight restriction through the issue of permits by ABC.  It is important to note that the permit system still only allows the maximum weight of the restriction to be carried over a route, for example, a vehicle with a tare (empty) weight of 10T may carry a load up to 8T over a route with an 18T limit (tare weight + load).

The Council are aware that the current situation is causing some difficulties among the users of the B8035 and the current strengthening works will allow this section of the road to be reopened at the previous 33t mgw restriction.  We would like to remind users that they should be aware that it is an offence to breach the weight restrictions.