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Protocol for Submitting a Health and Wellbeing Grant Application

The Health and Wellbeing Partnership is responsible for administrating the Health and Wellbeing Fund (HWF) on behalf of Argyll and Bute Community Health Partnership. The HWF consists of tobacco tax monies allocated by the Scottish Government for local health improvement activities. The HWF is allocated on a pro rata basis to the Local Health and Wellbeing Networks. 

Guidelines for approving allocations from the HWF

The following guidelines and scoring system will be used by the assessment panel to approve applications: 

1.         Principles

  • Fairness
  • Equity
  • Community involvement

2.         Criteria

  • There is a clear rationale for the project and an identified need.
  • The project targets action to reduce health inequalities
  • Activity has clear aims and objectives
  • Bids should be for non-recurring expenditure
  • Total should not exceed total amount allocated to an area

Monitoring and Evaluation

The Health and Wellbeing Partnership requires annual feedback on the progress of all HWF activity including outcomes, completion dates and financial monitoring. A monitoring template will be provided a month before the anniversary of the award, to be competed by the anniversary. Until these templates are returned to a satisfactory standard applicants will not be eligible to submit further HWF applications.

NB It is a condition that allocated funds can only be used to pay for activities outlined in the application.

Criteria Strong projects will have... Weak projects will have...
A Priority Clear links to local health improvement priorities. No links to health improvement priorities.
B Rationale
  • Evidence that the community needs this project.
  • Clear links to policies or research stating that this project is appropriate.
Proposals based on anecdotal evidence or out of date research with no direct reference to the client group.
C Value for money
  • Makes best use of resources.
  • Identified match funding.
  • Applying for other funding.
No references to other funding sources or existing in-kind resources; or it is a costly project.
D How will the project be evaluated? Clearly explained method for measuring the success of the projects. Little evidence of an evaluation plan.
E Is the project time limited? Can the project be sustainable in the long term? There is a plan for how the initiative will continue without HIF funding in future. No thought has been given to what will happen to the project when the grant funding ends.
F Partnership working Clear links with other partners. No links with other partners.

 Scoring system

  • 1 - Weak
  • 2 - More weaknesses than strengths
  • 3 - More strengths than weaknesses
  • 4 - Strong
Criteria Score Range Weight Max Weighted Score
A 1-5 4 20
B 1-5 4 20
C 1-5 2 10
D 1-5 3 15
E 1-5 3 15
F 1-5 2 10

Maximum score = 90  Minimum score = 18  Mid score = 54

Applications scoring less than 54 will be referred back to the applicant or rejected.

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