Governance and Law - Service Purpose Overview

Governance and Law administers the core services within which the governance arrangements of the Council and Community Planning Partnership are undertaken. It includes a range of internal and external support services including support for the Council, other Departments, Council Committees, Community Councils, the Children's Panel and Elected Members and delivers legal services that include litigation, licensing and conveyancing. The service is responsible for delivering all elections, the Civil Contingencies function and information compliance duties such as Freedom of Information, Data Protection, corporate complaints and records management.

Governance and Law Service Plan 2019-2022

Key Information – Governance and Law

The annual 2017-18 budget for Governance and Law is £2,073,023

Governance and Law has a staffing figure for 38 FTE (Full Time Equivalent)

Key Documents

Further information and documents that support the key aims of service delivery for Governance and Law can be found by clicking on the following links -

1. Council Annual Report

2. Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002

3. Complaints Procedure

Annual Performance Reviews

The Annual Performance Review is the mechanism used by the service to review the previous year’s key successes and challenges, the key improvements to meet the challenges are also identified here.

You can view the Annual Performance Review for Governance and Law by clicking here.