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“Get Creative” Music Resource

“Get Creative” is a music resource aimed at all primary teachers across Scotland, created by Creative Arts in Schools Team (CAST), Argyll and Bute Council.

“Get Creative” is packed full of creative ideas, activities and learning outcomes to enable you to deliver musical activities with your class, regardless of your musical experience.

The resource consists of five parts:

It also includes a collection of songs to download, and a DVD including video clips illustrating the different activities.

 “Get Creative” is available to download below:

 Video Files

Step in the musical space
Hey, My Name is MO
Seaweed and Ice
Rhythmic Units
Stick Notation Cards
Rhythm Card Memory Game
Rhythm Cards
Rhythm Card Circle
Home & Away Rhythmic Units
3/2 Clave
Notating Rhythms
Sample Grooves
Samba Rhythms
Skill Builds
Instrument Improvisation circle
Home and Away, an introduction
Hey Improvised Lines
Fire Hands
Short Poems to Songs
Song Writing
Starters and Stoppers
Conducting Vowel Sounds
Frost, melody and rhythm
Frost Ball Bouncing Game
Frost Creative Response
Gesture Follow and Lead
Sound Machine
Gesture Choir
Back to Back Singing
Moving Like the music
The Sun is Shining
How Do You Feel
Musical Feeling Feet
Hand drumming Warm Up
Drum Circle Cues
First Drum Circle


Audio Files

1 Baby One
2 Bee Bee Bumble Bee
3 Cuckoo
4 Sun Sun Sun
5 What Can You See
6 Footsteps in the snow
7 I'm the Monster of Lochness
8. Cat Went Fiddle I Fee
9. A Kangaroo
10 I Don't Care If the Rain Falls Down (a).m4a
11. I Don't Care If the Rain Falls Down (b).m4a
12 I don't Care if the Rain Falls Down (c).m4a
13 I Don't Care If the Rain Falls Down (d).m4a
14 Sea Sea.m4a
15 Funga Alafia
16 Funga Alafia in canon
17 Belle Mama (Single voice)
18 Belle Mama in canon
19 Tobar, Tobar (once through)
20 Tobar, Tobar (in canon)
21 Tobar Tobar (Spoken version)
22 Fly High (vocal, two parts)
23 Fly High (vocal, first part)
24 Fly High (vocal, second part)
25 Fly High (two parts on piano)
26 Blues Bear
27 Sweetly Sings the Donkey.m4a
28 Frost (d).m4a
29 Frost (a).m4a
30 Frost (b).m4a
31 Frost (c).m4a
32 Four White Horses.m4a
33 Four White Horses (part two).m4a
34 Four White Horses (Solfa in two parts).m4a
35 Hotaru Koi one time at right tempo
36 Hotaru Koi low and high
37 Hotaru Koi slow instrumental
38 Singing Our Way Back Home (2nd time through in two parts)
39 Singing Our Way Back Home Part 1
40 Singing Our Way Back Home, second part
41 Solfa, Call and Answer examples.m4a
42 How Do You Feel On This Fine Day
43 Gong Ging Ging
44. An Up and a Down
45. Skimming the Slate