Request to place your child into a school

Please Note:

  • This request does not apply for Primary 1 school children, you will need to register your child during registration week at the school.
  • You will also need to inform the headteacher of your child's current school to complete the placement request procedure.
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While it is not necessary to provide reasons to justify your request, this can be of advantage to you should there be more applications than places available in the school of your choice.

There are sound educational reasons for trying to ensure that the transfer or admission of children to a school takes place at the start of a school session.  The Education service advises all parents that Placing Requests should take effect at the start of the next school session.  The academic session runs from August to June each year.

There will be exceptions to this such as moving home.


Please Note: The education authority does not provide transport for those pupils in receipt of a placing request other than in the most exceptional circumstances.

I understand I will need to inform the headteacher of my preferred school before this request will be processed.

I have read and understood the statements made on travelling and the application process.

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