Planning and Building Standards customer satisfaction questionnaire

Within Planning and Building Standards, we want to continually improve the service we provide by constantly reviewing and improving what we do.

Our aim is to deliver an efficient, courteous and quality service to all our customers.

If you feel we haven't achieved this, then please tell us. We need to know, in order to put things right.

Of course, we also welcome suggestions and ideas from our customers on how you think we could improve our service delivery.

Please tell us your opinion of the service you received
Was the manner in which your enquiry / application received:
Was the time taken to deal with your enquiry / application:
Was the level and quality of information and advice given:
Was the attitude of the case officer who dealt with you:
Was the overall service:

Thank you for taking the time to complete our Planning and Building Standards customer satisfaction survey. When you have finished, please press the submit button below to send us your views

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