Non domestic rates small business bonus scheme review form

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Other Properties

Please give details of all properties including empty and unoccupied premises on which you have a rates liability anywhere in Scotland.  If there are no such properties please state “NONE” in the box below.  If you have other such properties, you must enclose a copy of the current rates bill for each of these other properties with this claim.  Please note – Do not include properties for which you pay Council Tax.

Are there any properties including empty and unoccupied premises on which you or any persons detailed above have a rates liability anywhere in Scotland?
Property details
Under EC regulation 1998/2006 (de minimis aid regulation); this relief is regarded as a State Aid. There is a ceiling of 200,000 Euros (approx £183,000) for all de minimis aid provided to any one firm over a 3 year period. Any de minimis aid awarded to you under this offer letter will be relevant if you wish to apply, or have applied, for any other de minimis state aid. For the purposes of the de minimis regulation, you must retain this letter for 3 years from the date on this letter and produce it on any request by the UK public authorities or the European Commission. (You may need to keep this letter for longer than three years for other purposes.)


I declare that to the best of my knowledge the information given is true and correct and that the Council may share this information, if required, with other Councils or external agencies for the purposes of determining eligibility for the Small Business Bonus Scheme. I understand that Argyll & Bute Council may make any enquiries it considers appropriate to verify this claim. I understand that to deliberately provide false information for monetary advantage is a criminal offence.

I undertake to advise the Council of any change of circumstances including the occupation/vacation of any other property I may occupy in Scotland, which may affect liability for non-domestic rates relief.

If claiming on behalf of a business, please state in which capacity you are acting e.g. owner, director, manager, partner, agent etc.

Rate Relief for subjects with a rateable value of £18,000 or less is set out below:

Combined Rateable Value of all premises in Scotland%
Combined Rateable Value of all premises in Scotland%
Up to £15,000100
£15,001 to £18,00025
Upper limit for cumulative (RV)* £25,000 until 31.3.1425
Upper limit for cumulative (RV)** £35,000 from 01.4.1425

*This will allow a business with 2 or more properties with a cumulative rateable value of under £25,000, **£35,000 from 1.4.14, to qualify for relief at 25% on individual properties with a rateable value of £18,000 or less.  No relief is available for properties used for payday lending.

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